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HealthYou get vaccinated and play tombola

You get vaccinated and play tombola

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The first in the world was Serbia, which gives 25 euros to each of its vaccinated citizens. President Aleksandar Vucic explained that the aim of the initiative is to encourage people. Persons over 16 years of age and those who have already received one or two doses, as well as those who have been vaccinated with at least one dose by May 31, receive a one-time fee of about 3,000 dinars, which is about 5 percent of the average salary for the country.  Vucic announced that public sector employees who are not immunized will not be paid sick leave if they become infected.

State lottery in Poland for vaccinated: To encourage vaccination, the Polish authorities will play a lottery with prizes of up to 1 million zlotys or nearly 223 thousand euros. The raffle will be organized by state companies with the help of a sports tote. One in every 2,000 vaccinated will be able to win 500 zlotys (about 110 euros), and two lucky ones will receive the grand prize money and a hybrid car. There will also be financial incentives for the municipalities that have reached the highest vaccination rate. Nearly 70 percent of Poles have already expressed a desire to be vaccinated, but the government says an incentive is needed to make it happen really quickly.

Vaccines in California will take part in a raffle with high cash prizes: ten people will receive $ 1.5 million each, and another 30 will receive $ 50,000 each.

The state of California is offering $ 116.5 million in cash prizes to people living there who will be vaccinated against COVID-19 by June 15, the Associated Press reported. Governor Gavin Newsom’s initiative aims to increase vaccination before the restrictive measures are lifted on June 15. Ten people who are vaccinated before that date will receive $ 1.5 million each, and another 30 will receive $ 50,000 each. The first two million Californians to be vaccinated as of yesterday will receive $ 50 gift certificates.

All Californians who have been vaccinated since the beginning of the campaign will be able to participate in the grand prizes. Funding for the awards comes from an unprecedented state budget surplus.

Other states also offer incentives to vaccinate against COVID-19. They range from three tickets to baseball games to university scholarships and big cash prizes. Abigail Bugenski has already won $ 1 million in the Ohio state-run lottery, which will have four more draws.

The mayor of Lancaster, California, is offering a raffle for scholarships, including a grand prize of $ 10,000, for teenagers who are being vaccinated against the coronavirus. In this way, the city authorities hope to persuade hesitant young people to get vaccinated.

For the week of April 18-25, vaccinations fell by 56% in Los Angeles County, which includes Lancaster. So far, 15.8% of people between the ages of 16 and 29 have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

The special raffle # 10kVaxChallenge, announced on May 3, includes students who are between 16 and 18 years old and who have been fully vaccinated. The deadline is June 30.

The winner will receive $ 10,000. The second in the raffle will take $ 5,000, and the 20 eligible winners will receive a third prize – a $ 50 gift card. Mayor R. Rex Paris told ABC News that he had created the raffle, “so that the youth of our community feel more excited and motivated to participate in the process of defeating the coronavirus.”

 “All members of our community want the pandemic to stay behind us, and teenagers may be even more eager to return to their normal lives. But in order to return to the “normal”, each of us must do his part and get vaccinated. Now that safe and effective vaccines are available for everyone over the age of 16, I want to motivate them to take advantage of this opportunity. ” More and more teenagers have signed up for the vaccine since the raffle was announced.

To participate in the raffle, teens must post a photo of themselves on social media saying they received the second vaccine, tag five of their friends in the post, and use the hashtags “# 10kVaxChallenge” and “#VaccinateLancaster.”

Other states also offer incentives to vaccinate against COVID-19. They range from three tickets to baseball games to university scholarships and big cash prizes. Abigail Bugenski has already won $ 1 million in the Ohio state-run lottery, which will have four more draws.

A $ 1 million reward for five of those vaccinated in Ohio, for example. Ohio authorities have announced a raffle with prizes, including a large sum of $ 1 million, tickets for baseball games and free beer. Five random residents of the state who have received at least one dose will have a chance to grab the grand prize, which will be drawn once a week.

The governor of Ohio wrote on Twitter that the idea may seem like a waste of money, but the real waste at this point is to have vaccines available, but to prefer to die from COVID-19. In recent weeks, the number of vaccinated in the United States has fallen due to skepticism about vaccines and the declining number of cases.

A raffle for an apartment for over a million in Hong Kong for vaccinated – another 20 winners will receive bank cards with 13,000 dollars each.

A new $ 1.4 million apartment will be the grand prize in a special lottery to be held in Hong Kong only among residents fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The aim is to encourage people to become more actively involved in the government’s immunization program.

The grand prize will be provided by a large brokerage house. The remaining 20 winners will receive $ 13,000 bank cards.

In turn, the administration of Hong Kong International Airport has initiated a raffle of 60,000 free plane tickets for its employees and residents of the city, who will receive two doses of the vaccine by the end of September.

The Hong Kong government is concerned about the low immunization rate among the population, especially among young people. In a metropolis with a population of almost 8 million people, 17.6% of residents received the first dose of the vaccine, and only 12.9% received two.

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