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EuropeWithout a signed document: Zoran Zaev surprisingly left Sofia

Without a signed document: Zoran Zaev surprisingly left Sofia

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The Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia Zoran Zaev will participate today in the summit of the Western Balkans in Vienna, informs the Skopje TV channel “TV 21”.

Zaev surprisingly left Sofia early in the morning, Epicenter.bg added, although he was expected to continue his visit to Bulgaria today and to sign a document with Radev’s caretaker government on relations between the two countries.

Zaev: “Any talk about the future of Europe without the Western Balkans is meaningless.”

Last night, Zaev had a second meeting with Prime Minister Stefan Yanev, according to whom it became known yesterday that the Macedonian Prime Minister had come to Sofia with a specific proposal in connection with the start of negotiations on Skopje’s accession to the EU. Talks with the Bulgarian government continued until late last night. The point of conflict in the negotiations was Zaev’s insistence on Bulgaria’s official recognition that documents between the two countries are signed in “Macedonian”.

Sofia rejects this wording and insists on the expression “official language of PCM”, as enshrined in the 2017 Treaty.

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