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The Religion & Peace Academy

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The Religion and Peace Academy distils leading Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) research into easily digestible lessons, grounded in the Institutes data-based peace and conflict research methodology. 

The course explores the important connections between religions and peace, highlighting how robust inter-faith cooperation aids conflict resolution and enhances global peacefulness.

What will participants learn?

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of peace and its implications for humanity.
  • Appreciation of the role of interreligious cooperation as a platform for promoting and maintaining peace.
  • Navigate the complex landscape of peace and conflict studies with an understanding of systems theory and positive and negative peace.
  • Make decisions informed by leading IEP research on economics, religion, conflict and peace.
  • Understand how ecological threats and COVID-19 may impact levels of global peacefulness.
  • Acquire the knowledge necessary to take the first steps in becoming an effective peacebuilder in your community and country — equipped with a plethora links to IEP research and further peacebuilding opportunities.

Program Benefits

Created by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the leading think tank that publishes the annual Global Peace Index, the IEP Ambassador program provides an opportunity for individuals – those with extensive experience in peace as well as those who are newer to the field – to gain concrete knowledge and resources to help foster peace in their communities. This includes an in-depth understanding of IEP’s research and methodology, as well as a concrete understanding of how to communicate peace research.

As an IEP Ambassador, you will connect with peacemakers and other professionals around the world, expand your skills in the areas of peace research, and learn about investing in the factors that build peace. Through this program, you will become part of an international network of leaders who are creating a paradigm shift in the way the world interacts with and understands peace.

Structure, Format and Requirements

The commitment for this program involves participating in three online webinars about IEP’s research, which represents some of the most comprehensive, data-driven analyses within the field of peace and conflict prevention / resolution to-date. Ambassadors are then required to put their knowledge to use by organising a presentation or creative project for their network or community – including but not limited to hosting a workshop, creating a short video, or writing a blog post or op-ed.

Ambassadors also have access to an exclusive online platform where they can interact with each other and access relevant resources. IEP provides template materials for these presentations and is available to troubleshoot and answer questions as you undertake your project. IEP grants a certification after completion of the webinars and presentation/project.

Source: https://ambassadors.economicsandpeace.org/

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Our best wishes for a safe & productive 2021. Get more from IEP by downloading our peace, economics and conflict research, taking our Positive Peace Academy or becoming an IEP Ambassador

Business and Peace Peace Report –  2021

The 2021 Business and Peace Report analyses the relationship between the economic performance of a country and its levels of peace. The major finding is that peace acts as a reliable predictor of a country’s future performance for a number of macro-economic indicators. These insights can be used to better assess the investment potential of countries. This research can help the design of financial investment products that are likely to yield higher returns, produce more comprehensive country assessments for companies who are deciding where to invest and determine better future ESG outcomes.
Download here →

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