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News"Russian Elon Musk" has already been born.

“Russian Elon Musk” has already been born.

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“He is already at school or in kindergarten”

According to RIA Novosti, Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the state corporation Roscosmos, answered the question of when his Ilon Mask will appear in Russia. Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Dmitry Rogozin said that the “Russian Elon Musk” had already been born.

„I think he was already born. I think that he is already in school or in kindergarten. Of course not alone. A great country will, of course, appear.“ (Dmitry Rogozin)

He also called the idea of ​​the head of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, about mass flights to Mars and the colonization of the Red Planet, absurd and a fairy tale.

„Technically dedicated people understand that this is completely absurd. You need to fly to Mars through the launch window, which opens every two years. The flight takes up to 9 months. How to stuff 100 people like sprats in a bank, without being able to move for 9 months? Then they will arrive and will wait 2 years for a new launch window, so that from there they quickly dump back to Earth and again, like sprats, fly in this tin can“, siad Rogozin.

On June 6, the famous hacker group Anonymous declared war on Elon Musk because of the strong influence of his statements on Twitter on the Bitcoin exchange rate, as well as the disregard for the investments of ordinary working people.

Anonymous’s most recent video posted targeted Musk. In it, hackers said that the power he has in the cryptocurrency markets and his arrogant way of using it went too far, especially regarding the bitcoin rate, which instantly reacts to Musk’s statements.

Even though Elon “has portrayed himself as concerned about the environment because Tesla has given up on Bitcoin, he does not practice what the company preaches. Anonymous has a lot of charges against him and Tesla’s actions in general. ” Anonymous also claims that Elon Musk suffers from a “superiority complex,” noting that he once called himself the “Emperor of Mars” and that his constant crypto trolling harms the working class and its investments. Anonymous says that Elon is not a friend of ordinary people, to whom they also refer to themselves. It is not yet known what action Anonymous will follow after this announcement.

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