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HealthMore than 5 million people became millionaires during the pandemic

More than 5 million people became millionaires during the pandemic

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More than five million people worldwide became millionaires in 2020, despite the damage COVID-19 has done to economies. That’s according to a study commissioned by Credit Suisse and published by the BBC.

Statistics show that despite the impoverishment of most people, more than 1% of the world’s population earned its first million just last year.

Researchers conclude that the acquisition of wealth appears to be “completely detached” from the economic problems caused by the pandemic.

Billionaires have also increased – 9 new ones are just vaccines!

Covid-19 vaccines alone created 9 new billionaires, it became clear in May. Almost all the super-rich are scientists from the big pharmaceutical companies. Their total financial situation is nearly 19 and a half billion dollars. They were called “health billionaires.”

The ranking is headed by Stefan Bansel – CEO of the pharmaceutical company “Modern”. According to Forbes magazine, his financial situation is already 4 billion and 300 million dollars.

Second on the list of $ 4 billion in wealth is Bayontek founder Ugur Shahin.

Third on the list of new billionaires are the three founders of the Chinese vaccine company CanSino Bio. Each of them already owns over $ 1 billion.

There is also an increase in the income of the main investors of “Modern” – the immunologist Timothy Springer and the scientist Robert Langer.

Bayontek founder Ugur Shahin is already among the 500 richest people in the world. In a year, his wealth has jumped by nearly 250 percent.

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