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Monday, December 4, 2023
EuropeLaunch of EpiPulse, a new portal to strengthen the prevention and control...

Launch of EpiPulse, a new portal to strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases

EpiPulse integrates several surveillance systems that were previously independent, provides new functionalities and a seamless access to data in one single platform. The portal facilitates the collection, analysis and dissemination of indicator- and event-based surveillance data on infectious diseases and associated health issues, including global epidemic intelligence, whole-genome sequencing, and health determinants. 

Appointed experts from the EU/EEA and non-EU countries within ECDC’s cooperation framework, ECDC staff, and representatives of European authorities and international organisations can access the portal to report and analyse cases of infectious diseases and pathogens that may threaten public health in the EU/EEA. The platform facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and connects users from different sectors under a One-Health approach.

Through this platform, ECDC aims to strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases by enhancing early threat detection and assessment. It will enable better preparedness and management of threats from infectious diseases at the EU and global level, through real-time monitoring of outbreak signals and events.

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