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With Glasto cancelled again this year due to current restrictions, a band that has often performed on its legendary stages recalls when 15 seconds of their performance on Avalon stage in 2015 went viral. The UK’s number one Jive and Swing band the Jive Aces electrified the Glastonbury crowd when towards the end of their show, their piano player did a handstand on his keyboard, which promptly collapsed – halfway through their final song!

In 2015 the Jive Aces appeared on the Avalon stage with West End star Cassidy Janson. During their final number, piano player Vince Hurley did an acrobatic handstand on the keyboard, while still playing, only to see the piano stand collapse while he was mid-air, upside down and vertical! The crowd gasped and hearts stopped beating, fearful of a nasty accident. The whole moment was by chance captured by a GoPro.

“Il Professore Vincenzo Hurley” as Ian Clarkson, leader of the band, introduced the pianist for this piece said: “I could literally hear the crowd’s synchronized heartbeats and breathing stop dead. All happened in seconds but it felt like hours!”.

The crowd’s shock turned to wonder as Vince mastered the whole incident and continued playing the piano without a flinch, landed on his feet like an agile panther, and simply continued the piece on the keyboard, which was now on the floor, all with the same energetic enthusiasm as if nothing untoward had just happened.

For many of those who witnessed it, it was the most unanticipated epic and memorable Glastonbury show of that year!

Vince recalls the incident: “I really didn’t expect the keyboard stand to collapse. It didn’t matter, the show had to carry on. Our band’s motto is and has always been “The show must go on!” From a handstand on top of the keyboard I went plummeting downwards, somehow managing to land on my feet and carry on playing. The roar of appreciation from the wow’ed Glastonbury crowd then came my way, at which point I knew we had made it work.”

It is not for nothing The Jive Aces have christened their daily live stream -which has now gone on for over 470 episodes- “JiveStream – The Show Must Go On!”. They have been performing every single day since 17th March 2020, just before the lockdown, at 8.30pm GMT on FaceBook and YouTube.

Watch the 30 seconds clip of the collapsing keyboard on YouTube (@Jive Aces, Glastonbury Piano Epic Fail) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw8VD53bR6U

For more information about the Jive Aces visit www.jiveaces.com or catch their daily stream at 8.30pm on FaceBook or YouTube.

Band media info contact:

Grazia Clarkson

Jive Aces publicist

[email protected]

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of The Jive Aces, on Wednesday 30 June, 2021. For more information subscribe and follow https://pressat.co.uk/

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