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EnvironmentCustoms officers caught a dinosaur egg in Bergamo

Customs officers caught a dinosaur egg in Bergamo

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The petrified dinosaur egg shell entered the Apennines from Malaysia

Customs authorities at the airport in the Italian city of Bergamo found a dinosaur egg. It was among the shipments destined for import into Italy, according to the local newspaper “Giornale di Brescia”.

The petrified dinosaur egg shell, placed in a rock “frame”, entered the Apennines from Malaysia as a purchase from an online store. The shipment arrived in Italy with suspicious documents – the certificate was issued by a non-existent agency, according to customs.

The customs officers informed the Department of Archeology of the provinces of Begramo and Brescia about the find. Scientists have identified the fossil as the egg of a shunosaurus, a large herbivorous dinosaur that lived in present-day China.

Dinopedia: Shunosaurus (meaning “Shu Lizard”) is an genus of sauropod dinosaur from Middle Jurassic (BathonianCallovian) beds in Sichuan Province in China, 170 million years ago. The name derives from “Shu”, an ancient name for the Sichuan province.

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