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InternationalAn ultra-modern flying taxi have been demonstrated in Paris - to be...

An ultra-modern flying taxi have been demonstrated in Paris – to be used at the Olympics in 2024

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The machine, which looks like a small helicopter, can carry two people and some luggage.

A German company demonstrated state-of-the-art air taxis in Paris, world media reported.

The demonstration flight was made at Bourges Airport. The company plans to use air taxis as early as 2024 during the Olympic Games in the French capital.

During the demonstration, the machine, which looks like a small helicopter, flew for about 3 minutes and traveled nearly 500 meters without people on board.

According to its creators, it will initially be operated by licensed pilots. Over time, however, air taxis will become fully automatic.

Volocopter Demo at Paris Air Forum on YouTube:

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