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ENTERTAINMENTA journey like a movie - to the Harry Potter Bridge...

A journey like a movie – to the Harry Potter Bridge in Scotland

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The famous Glenfinan viaduct, through which the train passes in the films about the boy wizard, is 120 years old

The Hogwarts Express train, which rushes to the Hogwarts School of Wizards in the Harry Potter movies, is not a computer animation. The bridge he crosses, too.

Both are based in Scotland and are legendary attractions even before the movies.

The real name of the train is the steam train “Jacobyte” and the viaduct – Glenfinan. Traveling on the route of just over 130 km is one of the best experiences you can book in Scotland.

The route of the steam train journey begins near the highest mountain in Britain – Ben Nevis, and ends in the coastal town of Malaga.

From the final stop of the train you can board the ferry to the Isle of Skye – an unearthly place shrouded in fog.

Surprisingly, the Glenfinan Viaduct is at an honorary age of 120 years. Construction of the section from Fort William to Malaga (steam train route) began in 1896. It was officially opened in 1901.

Unusual rumors have surfaced about its construction. Despite numerous studies that refute this claim, the rumor persists that a whole horse fell into one of the pylons of the viaduct during construction. The pylons were examined with mini cameras and scanned, but the remains of a horse were never found.

Ever since fans of the boy wizard followed in the footsteps of their favorite character, the viaduct has gained unprecedented fame. Some more reckless followers, probably believing in their own supernatural powers, narrowly missed a close encounter with the oncoming train as they walked along the viaduct. This caused the British transport police to issue an official warning to tourists not to walk on the transport facility.

The other problem with the Scottish authorities is that many tourists only reach the viaduct instead of seeing more Scottish beauties.

The Glenfinan Viaduct can be seen not only from the train (which is pulled by a steam locomotive only in summer), but also from the side (where the view is actually more impressive). It is located north of the A830, also known as the Road to the Islands and considered one of the most scenic roads in Scotland. Those who decide to continue their journey beyond the fabulous world of Mr. Potter will see sandy beaches, green hills and sunsets over the sea and islands in the distance.

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