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HealthThe first bicycle ambulances into operation

The first bicycle ambulances into operation

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The first Turkish bicycle lines were put into operation this week on the “princely” islands of Buyukada and Heibeliada near Istanbul. Equipped with four bicycles, a team will be available to intervene when accidents occur on the islands on weekends and holidays.

Ambulances are adapted to provide emergency first aid with an oxygen tank and an automatic external defibrillator. The team is prepared for any scenarios they may face, including rescuing people from drowning, treating those who have fallen from great heights, and responding to patients with acute coronary syndrome.

The bicycle lines will work on weekends and holidays, when the islands are particularly crowded with tourists and it is extremely difficult to get around.

Team members who have completed first aid training will answer emergency calls before a normal ambulance arrives if necessary.

If several emergency calls are received at once, the ambulance team will determine which patients should be prioritized. In this way, patients who need further treatment will be transferred to the city faster.

Bicycle is an evolution trend for giving help to people in congested areas. But is it the right solution for everyone? We try to explain when you can choose a bicycle ambulance and when you need something different.

A cycle response unit is a crew of two or more paramedic equipped with bicycles that can operate as a frontline response to ordinary emergencies in a town centre. When traffic congestion, pedestrian areas and crowds of people can make it difficult to reach a patient.

What kind of Medical device do you need on a bicycle ambulance?

The cycle responders’ kit is very similar to a standard Basic Life Support (BLS) equipment that we can found on ambulances, without electro-medical instruments and transportation devices. As for the fast response unit on car, or the motorcycle response units (MRU), you need to have:



Pulse oximeter monitor

Blood pressure device

Adult and paediatric BLS kit (bag, valve, mask, ecc..)

Small bag of drugs like (for Paramedic and Professionals)

Bandages and dressings

Rubber gloves


Soft splint

Ice pack

Burn pack

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