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ENTERTAINMENTScent of summer in the land of roses - Bulgaria

Scent of summer in the land of roses – Bulgaria

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When and where there are rose festivals in the Rose Valley

The rose season is in full swing and will last at least until mid-June.

Bulgarian rose oil is one of the most expensive and sought after on the international market essential oils. Every year at the end of May and the beginning of June in the Valley of Roses the picking of the pink color begins, accompanied by centuries-old cultural and festive traditions. The Bulgarian oil-bearing rose is one of the symbols of the country, and the Bulgarian rose oil is known all over the world.

Rose production in Bulgaria is based on the type “Damascene”. Annually in the country an average of 7.8 – 8.5 thousand tons of pink flowers are harvested. Bulgaria is a world leader in the production of rose oil. An average of about 2 tons of rose oil is produced annually in Bulgaria, 95% of which is exported. Usually 1 kilogram of rose oil is obtained from about 3 tons of flowers.

Last year, a kilogram of rose oil reached record high prices and exceeded 10,000 euros per kilogram, compared to prices between 6 and 7,000 euros on average in previous years. The name “Bulgarian rose oil” is protected by a patent in 2014 as a Bulgarian product in the register of geographical names protected by the European Commission.

If you want to walk through the rose fields, join the rose picking, walk through the fragrant streets of the towns in the Rose Valley – now is the time to do so.

Each of the cities where the Rose Festival is traditionally held has announced the dates and program for this year.

See when where what is happening and plan your weekend of roses.

Rose Festival in Kazanlak

When: May 14 – June 20

Traditionally, in the capital of the Rose Valley, the Rose Festival lasts more than a month with various events every weekend. Every Saturday and Sunday they start with a rose picking in one of the Kazanlak villages, and during the day there are workshops, concerts, festivals, exhibitions and other events.

Rose Festival in Karlovo

When: May 28-30

The main part of the program of this year’s Rose Festival in Karlovo took place on May 29. In the morning at 9 o’clock a rose picking ritual was held in the rose gardens of Karlovo, and from 12 to 14 o’clock in the historical museum a demonstration of rose cooking. At 10:30 was the start of the procession of Queen Rose. During the day, workshops and lessons in arts, sports and dance are planned, and from 8 pm a festive concert.

Festival of tourism and essential oils in Strelcha

When: May 28-29

The Festival of Tourism and Essential Oils is organized by the Municipality of Strelcha. The event is a kind of successor to the traditional celebration of the rose and mineral water, but with a richer program in two days.

The first events were on the afternoon of May 28 with the opening of the local tourist exchange “Strelcha 2021”. After the official part – a concert of amateur ensembles from the municipality. Open day in the Old Rosary, recreating the ritual “Rose picking” in a rose garden in the town, a festive concert of the orchestra “Plovdiv” and dance group “Smiles”.

An accompanying event is the exhibition “Golden Thorn”, visiting the Historical Museum, dedicated to rose production, which will remain until June 4. Alley of Crafts will offer handicrafts on both days, and Alley of Fragrances – products with essential oils. A curious opportunity for the participants in the holiday is to take a carriage ride.

Feast of the rose and mineral water in Pavel Banya

When: June 10

The Rose and Mineral Water Festival will be held on June 10 in the center of Pavel Banya. The Queen of Roses and the King of Mineral Water will be announced during the event. There is music and a rich program to be announced.

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