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EuropeHydrogen energy: what are the benefits for the EU?

Hydrogen energy: what are the benefits for the EU?

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Find out what the benefits of hydrogen energy are and how the EU wants to make the most of it to support the green transition.

Clean energy: essential for a climate-neutral Europe

On the road to a climate-neutral Europe and a cleaner planet, it is essential to revamp the overall energy supply and create a fully integrated energy system under the European Green Deal, The EU economy’s green transition should be combined with access to clean, affordable and secure energy for businesses and consumers.

The EU faces a challenge as its energy production and consumption accounted for 75% of EU greenhouse gases emissions in 2018 and it still depends on imports for 58% of its energy, mainly oil and gas.

In July 2020, the European Commission proposed a hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe, aiming to accelerate the development of clean hydrogen and ensuring its role as a cornerstone for a climate-neutral energy system by 2050.

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