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ReligionBahaiBahai.org: International website sees major redesign on 25th year since launch

Bahai.org: International website sees major redesign on 25th year since launch

BWNS reports on major developments and endeavors of the global Baha’i community
The updated Bahai.org includes visual enhancements, additional sections, and other features, paving the way for new articles and videos to be released throughout the year

BAHÁ’Í WORLD CENTRE — The newly redesigned website of the worldwide Bahá’í community at www.bahai.org has launched, representing the latest in a series of developments since the site was first created in 1996.

The extensive revamp provides an enhanced visual experience and additional features that aim to make the site’s some 140 articles more easily accessible.

Updates to the site include two new sections—“Featured Articles” and “Featured Videos”—that bring together a curated selection of content drawn from the Bahai.org family of websites and new videos on the Bahá’í community’s involvement in the life of society, its efforts to promote the social and material well-being of people of all walks of life, and the integration of service and worship in Bahá’í community life.

The new version of the site opens the way for further additions planned for the coming months and years, which will explore the development of the global Bahá’í community and the experience of those throughout the world who, inspired by the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, are striving to contribute to the betterment of society.

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