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EuropeAt meeting with Ukraine's PM, G7 Ambassadors reaffirm importance of fulfilling terms...

At meeting with Ukraine’s PM, G7 Ambassadors reaffirm importance of fulfilling terms of IMF

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At meeting with Ukraine’s PM, G7 Ambassadors reaffirm importance of fulfilling terms of IMF stand-by arrangement, EU macro-financial assistance

G7 Ambassadors at a meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal stressed the importance of fulfilling the conditions of the stand-by arrangement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and macrofinancial assistance of the European Union.

“G7 Ambassadors met PM Denys Shmyhal yesterday for a wide-ranging discussion. They reaffirmed support for Ukraine’s reform efforts and the importance of meeting the agreed conditions for the IMF stand-by arrangement and EU Macro-Financial Assistance,” the G7 Ambassadors said on Twitter on Saturday.

In addition, the G7 Ambassadors “acknowledged the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.”

They discussed the reforms of Ukraine‘s military industrial complex; the importance of good governance across the full range of economic activity.

The diplomats also called on Ukraine to further contribution to global efforts to climate change, the ambassadors said.

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