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AmericaWhite House urges EU and UK to protect Good Friday Agreement

White House urges EU and UK to protect Good Friday Agreement

Reuters and Press Association

The White House has urged Britain and the European Union to preserve the Good Friday Agreement after the EU launched legal action against Britain for changing trading arrangements Brussels says breach the Brexit divorce.

“We continue to encourage both the European Union and the UK government to prioritise pragmatic solutions to safeguard and advance the hard won peace in Northern Ireland,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

“President Biden has been unequivocal in his support for the Belfast Good Friday agreement. This agreement has been the bedrock of peace, stability and prosperity for all the people of Northern Ireland.”

Before his election, the US president said the Agreement cannot become a casualty of Brexit.

The UK is seeking a bilateral trade deal with the US.

Following a conversation last month, British prime minister Boris Johnson sought to reassure Mr Biden – who is fiercely proud of his Irish roots – that he remained firmly committed to the peace process.

Mr Johnson said then: “This is fundamental for us, the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the peace agreement, the Good Friday process, the Belfast Agreement, these agreements are absolutely crucial.”

Pressed on his support for the Northern Ireland protocol in the Brexit Withdrawal agreement following the recent row with the EU over vaccines, he replied: “We want to make sure that there’s free movement, north-south, free movement east-west, and we guarantee the rights of the people of Northern Ireland, of course.”

President Biden’s ancestral homes in Co Mayo and Co Louth celebrated his inauguration with champagne and cake while waving Irish and American flags.

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