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NewsReligion column move criticised

Religion column move criticised

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LONDON: Councillor Dr James Shera, ex-mayor Rugby, has expressed concern over a recent request by some members of Punjab Bar Council to add a column of religious affiliation in the Punjab Bar Council enrolment form.

Dr Shera, in a press release, said: “We hope that bar council would reject this application and endorse integration, unity and dignity in society instead of dividing society on basis of religion, linguist and ethnicity.

“Any step in this direction would jeopardise the concept of equality, justice and freedom of individuals. The Founder of Pakistan, Mr Jinnah, reminded eloquently numerous times in his speeches that individuals are free to practice their religion; the state has no reason to interfere in their personal matters, and that everybody irrespective of their colour, caste and religion would work with integrity to build one nation.”

The press release said the statement was endorsed by UK Pakistani Christian leaders including: Dr Peter David, Dr Noshaba Khiljee, Councilor Morris Johns, Advocate Qamar Shams, Mr Michael Massey, Bishop Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder, Mr John Bosco, Mr Qamar Rafique, Ex-MPA Saleem Khokhar and Mr Tahier Solomon.

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