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NewsLETTERS TO THE EDITOR: How relevant is religion?

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: How relevant is religion?


“It’s a sin!”

How relevant is religion in the third millennium?

For centuries, millions of Catholics have been previously guided in every aspect of their lives by their popes.

However currently, religion has ceased to be the driving force for nominal Catholics, as well as its role diminished in Protestant lives.

Rather, social media has been a greater influence in everyday life for the majority.

Today, religion largely doesn't play a great part in belief or opinion, because it is believed to relate insignificantly to modern life.

With fluctuating changes in social norms, values and morals post-twentieth century, is the role of the Pope obsolete?

Can Pope Francis and Catholicism continue to dictate what Catholics should believe in their personal lives today?

Has the Church moved with the times?

When the Pope determines same-sex marriage cannot be blessed by God, yet embraces the communities which it represents, is this ambivalence hypocritical?

Margaret Court and Israel Folau are vilified vehemently for the same view, yet there is no public condemnation of the Pope's stance.

– Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Harry's view on Rockynats.
Harry’s view on Rockynats.


ANON. Panic buying hits Rocky – did everybody survive last time? Didn’t hear of anybody not having any food or water. These panic-buying clowns would not have survived WWI and WWII. Thanks for your service and common sense in hard times in Australian history.

ANON. Shut the state down, who gives a stuff about Easter? Health, health, health and more. Think about our elderly who might not see another Christmas, Easter or New Year you bunch of selfish inbreeds. You would not know what it was like to go to war and leave your country to fight for it for what you have today.

LPMC. I’ve said it before, Qld Health is a disgraceful mess and with no plans to fix it. Nursing staff say they have no direction due to no workforce plan. Why do Ministers with no idea control massive departments? Qld taxpayers deserve better, not what Palaszczuk is dishing up to us.


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