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NewsCompany Removes Billboard Near Central Mosque After A Muslim Described It As...

Company Removes Billboard Near Central Mosque After A Muslim Described It As An Insult To The Religion

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The manufactures of Tropical Fiesta have removed its giant billboard near the Central Mosque in Kanda after a Muslim described it as inappropriate and an insult to the religion.

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The Muslim known as Mustapha Abubakar took to Facebook to react strongly at the billboard which had celebrated rapper, DBlack in the midst of two ladies wearing bikinis while advertising a product sold by the company.

He wrote;

Can someone inform this company that the position of their advert on this billboard near our Central Mosque at Kanda is an insult to Islam and our values. Pls remove it.

His post sparked serious deliberations on social media where he was lambasted for relating everything to religion. In other not to spark chaos, the company has reportedly taken off the image on the billboard.

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See image below;



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