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Carrie Underwood announces Gospel album release

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(Photo: Facebook/Carrie Underwood)

When Carrie Underwood turned 38, she said she wants to give a gift to her fans, the release of a song from her upcoming album, “My Savior.”

It’s an old standard loaded with Biblical truth: “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus,” CBN News reported on March 12.

The country and western and pop star announced the release on Instagram, where she also shared some of the behind-the-scenes thinking about how to approach the old hymn.

“For as long as I can remember I have wanted to record an album of my favorite gospel hymns, and after #MyGift felt like the perfect time to make it happen. It’s called #MySavior and it will be here March 26, just in time for Easter!” says Underwood on her Facebook page.

“‘Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus’ is my birthday gift to YOU! Thanks to Bear Rinehart of NEED TO BREATHE for harmonizing with me!”

“Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” was originally composed in the mid-1870s by Robert Lowry, but Underwood shared a country twist to the classic hymn.

In a behind-the-scenes video about her rendition of the song, Underwood said the original song is “very kind of lopey,” so she wanted to “kind of mess with it … really kind of put some tempo behind it, and wanted to add these harmonies on it.”

It’s a simple rendition, like she said in her post, with an updated touch, but one that still echoes the eternal truth that’s stirred the hearts of Christians for 2,000 years, said CBN.

The country queen posted a kind of b-day haiku along with a picture of her smiling face, Billboard reported.

She tweeted, “I am not 38 years old. I am not 38 years young. I am 38 years strong. 38 years accomplished. 38 years happy! 38 years amazing!!! I am 38 years blessed…thank you, Lord, for all the trips around the sun!”


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