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Monday, December 11, 2023
AmericaMAGA has become political religion

MAGA has become political religion

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To the editor, Donald Trump could have joined the Capital rioters (as he promised) and stabbed Sens. Cruz and Hawley in the back with a Trump flagpole, and those senators would have still voted to acquit Trump. I find it amazing that Christian Republicans haven’t seen what Trump does to people after he uses them. Mike Pence was nearly hanged for doing his constitutional duty.

Some Republican evangelical Christians made a deal with the orange devil. Your appointed Christian judges will likely rule in favor of Christians, but what will be the cost? Christians win and non-Christians lose. What is the recourse for the losing side when the lawmakers and judges take their liberty?

MAGA has become a political religion. Trump is worshiped beyond Jesus. The belief is that America was great when White people owned Black people, women couldn’t vote, or own property. Workers were treated worse than livestock by their employers. Jews and other non-Protestant believers were subjected to violent discrimination.

Some Christians got what they wished or prayed for. In mixing politics with religious fanaticism, our society has been torn open and is bleeding. Roads, sewers, schools, hospitals, and public health are not religion. They are services provided by a secular government authorized and paid for by its citizens. Trumpism isn’t a religion to be forced on citizens through mob violence and biased political courts. Capital rioters used Trumpism to violently promote white nationalism with a religious twist.

You don’t wear a mask because you think Jesus will protect you, so why do you need body armor and guns? They’re not racist, so why did they burn Black churches? Why did White Christians vote for Trump and Black Christians vote for Biden? Trumpism is racist and is treasonous after Jan. 6. Trump is the anti-Christ of national politics.

-Pete Scobby


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