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NewsScientology helps new businesses get off on the right foot.

Scientology helps new businesses get off on the right foot.

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Persecuted christians - Conference at the European Parliament about the persecution of Christians in Sub-Saharan Africa (Credit: MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen)

Break the silence on persecuted Christians

MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen held a conference and exhibition at the European Parliament to denounce the silence surrounding the suffering of persecuted Christians worldwide. The EU must take stronger action against violations of freedom of religion, especially in Africa where lives are lost due to this silence.

Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers offer free online course to help new businesses get off on the right foot

Surprisingly more businesses than ever are starting during the pandemic, according to 2020 statistics. They will need organizing skills to stay in business.

“Everyone needs a little help right now adjusting to the new business parameters and environment and organizing their life. With good organizing tools much can be accomplished.”

— Rev. Susan Taylor, Church of Scientology National Affairs Office

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Due to the pandemic, new business statistics show that more than 4.4 million new companies were started in 2020. That’s a 26.9 percent increase from 2019 and the biggest increase in the past decade. What will happen with these new businesses? How many will survive and thrive? Or will they fail due to not having good basic tools on how to organize?

Many people were energized to start a new business in 2020 due to the substantial changes in the business landscape. Many of these continue to experience an inability to navigate bureaucratic red tape, confront impersonal government workers and suffer the carelessness of commercial enterprises. With these challenges comes a need for better organizational skills and flow lines in order to survive.

The lack of organizational tools costs business trillions of dollars every year resulting in inefficiency, lowered productivity and often failure.

On an individual level, organizational skills are a key and often a missing factor in an individual’s personal success. Attainment of one’s goals, no matter how small or how large, requires a knowledge of organization. How does one most efficiently and productively manage time, activities and resources? How does one minimize distractions? And how does one align strengths in order to accomplish goals and purposes?

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers are offering a free online course on the subject of how to organize one’s life, family or business called The Basics of Organizing Course.

This free course gives guidance and advice regarding how one can avoid distractions and overwork, and assure success in any activity. The course also covers the first step one must take to successfully organize anything, whether it’s a career or an entire company. It is available online 24/7 and is self-paced so that it can fit into anyone’s schedule.

The Basics of Organizing Course is based on the works of humanitarian and New York Times bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard. He recognized that Man was lacking an understanding of how to organize his activities, and so a sizable portion of his humanitarian research during his lifetime was devoted to the subject of organization. Mr. Hubbard saw that chaos and confusion are not natural conditions of life; they only exist when natural laws are not understood and followed.

“Everyone needs a little help right now adjusting to the new business parameters and environment and organizing their life. With good organizing tools much can be accomplished. This course gives people effective organizing tools to help them achieve any goal in life,” said Rev. Susan Taylor, of the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office.

The Basics of Organizing Course is part of the Volunteer Ministers program of the Church of Scientology. Additional courses based on Mr. Hubbard’s works are also available on subjects including how to handle a dangerous environment, communication, study and children. The courses are non-religious and open to anyone of any belief, who wishes to improve conditions around them.

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