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NewsBuhari salutes Olupona, Professor of African Religion at 70

Buhari salutes Olupona, Professor of African Religion at 70

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President Muhammadu Buhari has congratulated Prof. Jacob  Olupona on his 70th birthday, wishing him, his family, friends, acquaintances and the academia a most memorable milestone celebration.

The president, in a congratulatory message by his spokesman, Femi Adesina, in Abuja on Saturday, applauded the decades of research and accompanying rigour deployed by Olupona.

Olupona, a Nigerian National Order of Merit Award winner, in indigenous African religions, earns a worthy place at the Harvard Divinity School, with joint appointment as Professor of African and African-American Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University.

Buhari commended the Professor for his research works into African spirituality, Pentecostalism, Yoruba festivals, Religious Pluralism in Africa and the Americas, among others.

He noted that the renowned academic had spent the past five decades, sharing and imparting knowledge globally.

The president wished the septuagenarian longer life and good health, urging the younger generations to derive inspiration from his sterling achievements.

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