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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnsonhttps://europeantimes.news
Robert Johnson is an investigative reporter who has been researching and writing about injustices, hate crimes, and extremism from its beginnings for The European Times. Johnson is known for bringing to light a number of important stories. Johnson is a fearless and determined journalist who is not afraid to go after powerful people or institutions. He is committed to using his platform to shine a light on injustice and to hold those in power accountable.

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Honoring women Life Freedom

Honoring women Life Freedom

A Film Festival entitled "Honoring women Life Freedom "was organised in United Nations plaza New york on September 14th by Empower Women Media organization and stopFemicide to Commemorate the death of Mahsa Amini one year later and the Iranian uprisings for equality,justice and human dignity.

The international community is mobilising for the Amhara

In the space of two days, the European Union issued a statement, the United States issued a joint statement with Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and finally the experts of the UN International Commission on Ethiopia issued a statement.

Promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue and tolerance in countering hate speech

The UN General Assembly adopted a significant resolution on July 25, 2023 to promote global harmony and counter escalating hate speech. Titled "Promoting Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue and Tolerance in Countering Hate Speech," it underscores nurturing interfaith and cross-cultural conversations as a key tool to stop the spread of hate speech and prejudice.
Sudanese Human Rights activists call EU leaders to stop the airstrikes in support of  peace in Sudan

Sudanese Human Rights activists call EU leaders to stop the airstrikes in support of...

An international conference entitled "Fostering Peace and Security in Sudan" was organized by the EPP group, EU Human Rights organizations, and hosted by MEP Martusciello on July 18th, 2023, following the Geneva conference, Egypt Summit, and the ceasefire agreement reached by the US and KSA for humanitarian reasons.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a victim of state-sponsored persecution in Pakistan for the last many decades and a number of Ahmadis are prisoner of conscience for their religious beliefs. Recently, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority of the Pakistan Government has enacted new regulations that would extend the reach of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws to even Ahmadi Muslims living outside of Pakistan, including Europe and the United States.

On December 25, 2020, PTA issued takedown notices to Google and Wikipedia to remove content associated with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.  The Pakistan Government is (1) requiring Wikipedia to remove articles portraying the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, as a Muslim; and (2) requiring Google to remove a Google play app published by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which provides Arabic and English translations of the Qur’an, and (3) requiring Google to change their algorithm for the search queries “Khalifa of Islam” and “Caliph of Islam”.  PTA has threatened penalties and prosecution for non-compliance.

On December 30, 2020, the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court heard a petition “Seeking Removal of Qadiyani [Ahmadi] Caliph name as Muslims Caliph from Google Search.” The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court instructed high-ranking federal officials to find a way to issue criminal warrants for any individuals or entities outside Pakistan who are publishing online content deemed “blasphemous” by Pakistani authorities.  The PTA Chairman assured the Chief Justice that his agency was working tirelessly toward this goal. 

It is astonishing to note here that neither the Lahore High Court nor PTA

has any authority of policing anyone who is not subject to their jurisdiction.

Pakistan is acting in complete disregard of its international human rights commitments to protect the basic human rights of Ahmadi Muslims, and if concrete steps are not taken for compelling Pakistan to fulfil its international obligations, state-backed vigilantism will harm all peaceful religious communities living in Pakistan.

Source : Web: www.hrcommittee.org – Address: International Human Rights Committee – 22 Deer Park Rd, London, SW19 3TL

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