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NewsMy song RedBible is not against any religion, says JerryPay

My song RedBible is not against any religion, says JerryPay

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SENSATIONAL and lyricist afro-pop singer Austin-Jerry Adebiyi Akingbolu aka Jerry Pay has said that his song ‘Red Bible’ is not pro-cultism or anti-religious.

In a recent chat, JerryPay said the song is an inspirational song that speaks more about religion and how religion has damaged the whole universe.

According to him, the song is a very strong and touchy soul music with inspiring messages. “When people listen to the song, they do understand my message, and what most of them first ask as a question is why did you make this kind of a song? Do you think you have the heart to push this kind of a song, but like I used to tell them, I’ve got everything that is because I took my time, it took me almost 10 years to get to this place, and it took me 10 years to be in this place I am now, listen to me, I have to do something that when people listen to me, they must look for that damage. So this Red Bible, it talks about religion, and it does not glorify any religion, it talks about how our religion has damaged the society, and the universe we’re living in today,” JerryPay said.

A music writer and performer based in Paris, Jerry Pay hails from Ekiti State, South-west Nigeria.


JerryPay’s new EP has songs like 9490; Celebrity; Evidence; No One Is Dying and How Do You Know.

The singer recently hosted top personalities in the entertainment industry to the listening party of his new six tracks EP titled ‘Sun Beneath The Sea.’

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