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BooksGrandmother's First Book for Young Readers Also Helps Others to Share Legacy...

Grandmother’s First Book for Young Readers Also Helps Others to Share Legacy of Faith

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Grandmother’s First Book for Young Readers Also Helps Others to Share Legacy of Faith

Buoyancy PR
Jan. 15, 2021

RESERVE, La., Jan. 15, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — One gift of getting older is knowing how good God is, after relying on him to carry us through joys and sorrows. Debut author JoAnn Vicknair longed to give that gift to two of her grandchildren so she started telling them stories about what God has done.

Those stories became “It’s Storytime, Memaw!”, a new book of short stories for children ages 4-14 that compels them to draw closer to God.

Saying she’s not a writer, Vicknair, a retired nurse, did have a passion to share with all her grandchildren the faith that sustains her. Intensely praying, she asked God to tell her His story she could share because the children “needed God in their lives.”

She says she never expected the answer to that prayer would become a published book.

“I am not creative, and really never thought to write anything, but I did have family stories of faith and answered prayer,” Vicknair explains. “My grandchildren loved hearing the stories, and continued to ask for more, saying, ‘It’s story time, Memaw!’ How could I say no to that?”

Earlier this year, she created a digital document to preserve the stories.

Then during that process as she prayed earnestly for more to share with her grandchildren, God worked with her directly giving her more stories, guiding their development, then with instructions to publish them.

That started her on her unexpected journey as an author – finding a publisher, illustrator, website designer, videographer, and help with publicity and social media.

“I am an ordinary grandmother stepping out in faith to do that which God has led me to do,” Vicknair explains.

“I would like to tell my story of how this was of God’s doing. How He blesses and answers our prayers above and beyond all we could hope for or imagine! The stories compel a child, and the reader, to celebrate and brag of God Almighty,” she said.

“It’s Storytime, Memaw!” features 44 stories written in a child’s voice, simply told with details children love.

The book is now available at selected book stores, online retailers, and Vicknair’s website. The book trailer is on the website, as well on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxabWGvoBF8.

Vicknair is available for storytelling and speaking events.

“It’s Storytime, Memaw!” (ISBN-10 : 1952025192, $19.99) released in January from Carpenter’s Son Publishing. It is available from selected bookstores and online retailers. For more information, visit www.JoAnnVicknairAuthor.com.

SOURCE Buoyancy PR

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