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NewsDon’t want caste, religion in certs, Gujarat man moves HC

Don’t want caste, religion in certs, Gujarat man moves HC

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AHMEDABAD: The auto driver who had approached the Gujarat high court seeking to be declared an atheist, has filed another petition for permission to not mention caste and religion in the certificates for all those who do not want such details mentioned.
For himself, petitioner Rajveer Upadhyay (36), sought directions to the authorities to state “No Religion, No Caste” in his certificates because he does not want to notify the same. Upadhyay, who belongs to the scheduled Garo-Brahmin caste, mentioned in his petition that he has faced many troubles in life due to the discriminatory caste system.
For removal of mention of religion and caste from his certificates, Upadhyay once again relied on the certificate issued to one Sneha Vellore by Tamil Nadu authorities and ratified by the Madras high court. He has also sought the removal of the mention of father/husband’s name and surname from certificates if people are not willing to mention them, contending that authorities cannot compel people to mention such details. He has urged the HC to direct concerned authorities to remove these details from his and his daughter’s certificates besides arguing that orphans and women with multiple divorces always face this problem and feel humiliated.

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