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EuropeECDC opens ESCAIDE 2020 digital conference

ECDC opens ESCAIDE 2020 digital conference

The ESCAIDE 2020 plenaries and sessions will focus on issues shaping infectious disease epidemiology & microbiology in the next decade and beyond, with a special focus on the latest research concerning COVID-19, food-and waterborne diseases, HIV and sexually transmitted infections, vaccine-preventable diseases, influenza and respiratory viruses, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and emerging diseases.

The aims of the conference include the sharing of scientific knowledge and experience in areas applied to infectious disease epidemiology and public health microbiology, as well as discussing and debating scientific advances and current public health challenges. The conference also aims at strengthening and expanding the human network of those in this field, including fellows and students.

ESCAIDE will have plenary debates looking at different aspects of COVID-19, from the shape and direction of the pandemic, to how countries have responded. Key speakers include Maria van Kerkhove (WHO), Andrea Ammon (ECDC), George Fu Gao (China CDC), Anders Tegnell (Public Health Agency, Sweden), Francesco Maraglino (Italian Ministry of Health), Devi Sridhar (University of Edinburgh) and Gabrielle Breugelmans (CEPI). The full programme of keynote sessions, plenaries, abstract presentations is available on the ESCAIDE website.

Over 1500 participants are expected to attend, including epidemiologists, microbiologists, public health professionals, clinicians, veterinarians, science journalists, statisticians, social scientists and policy makers.

The conference is held between 24-27 November 2020 and is this year organised as an online event due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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