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EuropeSudan: Statement by the High Representative Josep Borrell on the occasion of...

Sudan: Statement by the High Representative Josep Borrell on the occasion of the signing of the Peace Agreement

The signing of the Peace Agreement between the civilian-led Transitional Government and the Sudan Revolutionary Movements today is an historic achievement paving the way for inclusive and comprehensive peace in Sudan. The EU acknowledges the role of South Sudan in hosting and mediating the Sudanese peace talks.

All stakeholders are expected to implement the different aspects of this peace agreement in good faith and with continued spirit of collaboration for the benefit of the Sudanese people, who deserve and wish for peace, stability and economic development. 

Those who have not yet joined, in particular the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North-Abdalaziz Al-Hilu and the Sudan Liberation Movement-Abdul Wahid Al-Nur, should follow and engage in serious negotiations with the Transitional Government.

The European Union will continue to support the country’s political and economic transition, which offers a unique opportunity to work towards a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Sudan.

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