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EuropeNew figures: Norway has lowest corona infection rate in the EEA and...

New figures: Norway has lowest corona infection rate in the EEA and European Union

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Robin-Ivan Capar
Robin-Ivan Capar
Advisor to the Board for Strategic Communication

According to newspaper VG, figures from the European Infection Control Agency (ECDC) show that no country in the EU and EEA has as low an infection rate than Norway.

In the last 14 days, the number of infected per 100,000 inhabitants in Norway is 34.3, according to VG. 

The next best country is Cyprus, where the number is 38.1.

The highest infection pressure has been registered in the Czech Republic, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with 521.5, 429.5, and 387.0 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively, during the period.

Assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad believes that Norwegians should use the numbers as motivation to persevere.

“The figures are uplifting for Norway because they show that it is possible to keep the infection down at the same time as large parts of society function relatively normally,” he told VG.

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