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NewsHot Mic Reportedly Catches Dianne Feinstein Comment About Amy Coney Barrett’s Religion

Hot Mic Reportedly Catches Dianne Feinstein Comment About Amy Coney Barrett’s Religion

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Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein reportedly got caught on a hot mic making a comment about Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s religion.

Feinstein reportedly commented about the fact that Barrett, a devout Catholic, was pro-life, according to Tré Goins-Phillips, an editor for Faithwire. (RELATED: ‘I Wanted To Get All That Clear’: John Kennedy Asks Amy Coney Barrett If She Hates ‘Little Warm Puppies’)

“She’s been pro-life for a long time. So I suspect with her, it is deeply personal and comes with her religion,” Feinstein reportedly said.

Feinstein joined the other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in challenging Barrett on a number of issues over the past several days of hearings on Capitol Hill, but it was not the first time that she had suggested Barrett might allow her religious beliefs and personal views supersede her judgment on the court.

During Barrett’s 2017 confirmation hearings, prior to her taking a seat on the 7th Circuit, Feinstein suggested that it was “of concern” that “the dogma lives loudly” within her.


The Daily Caller reached out to Sen. Feinstein’s office for comment, but had not received a reply at the time of publication.

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