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EuropeCharles Michel Compares Boris Johnson to Joker in Brexit Negotiations

Charles Michel Compares Boris Johnson to Joker in Brexit Negotiations

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In a now deleted retweet, the European Council’s president on Tuesday posted a cartoon on Twitter of Boris Johnson as a ‘joker’ during Brexit negotiations, as seen in The New European.

Charles Michel shared the illustration by Andy Davey of the UK Prime Minister playing what looks like poker with EU negotiator Michel Barnier and president Ursula von der Leyen, whilst Johnson holds a series of Joker cards in his hand.

“So will Boris Johnson do as Charles Michel wishes and lay his cards on the table? I’m not sure anyone would be wiser”, the caption of the tweet.

​The post was eventually removed but not before netizens had time to join in the joke.

​Others described the cartoon as showing Johnson with a “straight flush”.

​Some, not happy with Michel’s description of a joker, saying that the UK will withdraw from talks without a deal if necessary.

​The post follows the EU chief urging Boris Johnson to “put all its cards on the table” while visiting Ireland in regards to the ongoing trade talks.

​”The EU is doing its utmost to find an agreement with the UK, but not at any cost”, Michel said, following news that the prime minister threatened to withdraw from talks within the coming week.

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