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EuropeEU Commission proposes ways to streamline travel restrictions

EU Commission proposes ways to streamline travel restrictions

THE European Union (EU) should introduce a coordinated traffic-light system to provide clear information to people about the travel restrictions in place within the bloc due to the pandemic, the European Commission suggested on Friday.

The 27 EU countries have adopted a host of different, fragmented restrictions in recent months, confusing travellers.

“It is clear that we need more coordination,” EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said.

The commission’s proposal calls for a systematic, coordinated approach that would bring an end to the patchwork of restrictions.

Reynders’ colleague Ylva Johansson, commissioner for home affairs, said that the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control could publish an updated map of the bloc on a weekly basis, with colours codes to indicate the situation in each region.

Furthermore, to make restrictions less unpredictable, the EU’s executive body proposes countries notify the commission every Thursday about travel restrictions planned for the following Monday, for example.

For this approach to take effect, the commission’s proposal would have to be adopted by EU leaders.

Johansson also warned EU countries of adopting sweeping measures.

“Don’t take measures that are too big to meet the actual purpose,” she said.


– Sept. 4, 2020 @ 12:23 GMT /

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