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HealthOver 10 million views of Spread a Smile - Scientology artists

Over 10 million views of Spread a Smile – Scientology artists

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What would happen if you’d ask a few friends from all around the world to spread a smile and stay well? That’s what the Church of Scientology did by reaching to musicians and singers all over the world, and the result is quite something. Dozens of artists responded by creating a collaborative song that they videoed with the help of Scientology Media Productions, a production center which creates all kind of media content, from TV broadcasting and film creation to internet content and musical production.

Amongst the artists, some big names can be recognized, such as Chick Corea who won his 23th Grammy award this year, bass legend Staley Clarke, film composers Mark Isham and David Campbell, and many others (see the list at the bottom of the page).

The song advocates ‘spreading a smile’ during these difficult times of worldwide quarantine:

We can lift this world from quarantine

From your phone

Pick it up, pick it up, just pick it up

Take this shot with me

Spread a smile

Not something else

’Cause this world is really needing your help

Spread a smile

And nothing more

And we’ll show this world it can be restored

If you have not seen it yet, just go to Spread a smile #staywell on Youtube and enjoy.

The Church of Scientology had already launched its online Resource Center https://www.scientology.org/staywell/ some weeks ago which gives a comprehensive overview in a series of booklets and videos providing of basic information about what you can do to help keep yourself and others well along with tools for effective prevention against infection by the Coronavirus, and in fact, viruses in general.

Whilst churches of Scientology have reoriented their activities towards servicing their parishioners through teleworking and other means during the pandemic, following various governmental recommendations, Church volunteers continue to be active in helping their communities deal with the dangers that exist. The video “Spread a Smile” is one of the numerous initiatives taken by the Church and Scientologists to help the community during these difficult times.

List of artists who participated to Spread a Smile:

Chick Corea, Mark Isham, Stanley Clarke, David Campbell, Greg Camp, Kate Ceberano, Kerri Kasem, Andrés López, Diego Verdaguer, David Pomeranz, Alberto Plaza, David Broza, Carlitos Del Puerto, Michele Henderson, Tebogo Louw, The Jive Aces (Ian Clarkson, Vince Hurley, Alex Douglas, John Fordham, Kenneth Smith, Peter Howell & Grazia Clarkson), Claude Racine, Noah Valinsky, Jim Meskimen, Tamra Meskimen, Hana-li Pendery, Gina Briganti-Camp, Ana Victoria Boccadoro Miguel, Nick Isham, Raven Campbell, Luis Eric Gonzalez, Khai Aziz, Jess Fairlie, Alexander Markov, Brian Silva, Gianluca Scipioni, Ryder Green, Wil Seabrook,Valerie Fahren, Joost Griffioen, Julius Dilligard, Carmelo Sorce, Louise Dubie

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