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Women‘s tears contain chemicals that block male aggression

Women's tears contain chemicals that block male aggression, a study by Israeli scientists found, cited by the electronic edition "Euricalert". Specialists from the Weizmann Institute...

Kim Jong Un sheds crocodile tears as he pleads with women: Give birth to more!

The birth rate in the country has fallen colossally Kim Jong Un was filmed crying as he urged women in North Korea to have more...

Infibulation – the inhuman tradition that is not talked about enough

Female circumcision is the partial or total removal of the external genitalia without the medical need to do so About 200 million girls and women...

A busted women’s trafficking ring in Greece also revealed links to Islamic terrorism

A man arrested by the Greek authorities on Friday for trafficking in women is suspected of Islamic terrorism, reported the electronic edition of Kathimerini. On...

One-day event in Brussels to promote women’s empowerment in sports sector

Over the last decade, women's involvement in the sports sector has grown exponentially, but numbers point out that, in Europe, this sector still experiences...
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