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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Pope Francis

Pope Francis celebrated his 87th birthday in the presence of dozens of children

Children from the Vatican-run pediatric clinic sang several songs for the Holy Father Pope Francis turned 87 today, greeted by children who helped him blow...

Pope Francis wants to be buried outside the Vatican

Francis has revealed he is working with the Vatican's ceremonial leader to pardon the complex and proverbially long papal funeral rites Pope Francis, who eschews...

Humanitarian thread and secret diplomacy

By Alexander Soldatov, "Novaya Gazeta" On the occasion of the visit of the Pope's special envoy to Moscow and Kiev According to official reports, the content...

Pope Francis: The Christian does not believe in superstitions, such as magic, cards and horoscopes

"When you don't understand the word of God, but read horoscopes and consult fortune-tellers, you start to go downhill," he warned some time ago "The...
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