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Cries for freedom echo, throughout Pakistan Administered Kashmir as dissent and human rights violations continue to escalate

In the heart of this region a new wave of unrest has emerged, shedding light on the challenges faced by residents in their fight for rights. The streets have become a battleground as members of the Joint Action Committee clash with authorities, including police forces and commandos painting a picture of the situation.

Pakistan’s Struggle with Religious Freedom: The Case of the Ahmadiyya Community

In recent years, Pakistan has grappled with numerous challenges concerning religious freedom, particularly regarding the Ahmadiyya community. This issue has once again come to the forefront following a recent decision by the Pakistan Supreme Court defending the right to free expression of religious beliefs.

Because of an illegal marriage: the former prime minister of Pakistan and his wife sentenced to 7 years in prison and a fine

It is the third sentence the jailed Khan, 71, has received last week Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra were sentenced...

Pakistan uses artificial rain to combat smog

Artificial rain was used for the first time in Pakistan last Saturday in an attempt to combat dangerous levels of smog in the metropolis of Lahore.

UK Bar Council raises concern over treatment of Ahmadi Muslim lawyers in Pakistan

The Bar Council is profoundly concerned by recent announcements in parts of Pakistan that Ahmadi Muslims lawyers must renounce their religion in order to...

Cleric killed in Pakistan by mob following blasphemy accusation

Blasphemy, a mob in the city of Mardan, Pakistan, murdered a local cleric who was accused of making a blasphemous remark
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