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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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France’s National Library has placed four books from the 19th century under “quarantine”

The National Library of France has placed four books from the 19th century "under quarantine", reported AFP. The reason is that their covers contain arsenic. The...

France, the new law to fight against “sectarian abuses” in the field of health, subject to the control of the Constitutional Council

On April 15th, over sixty members of the National Assembly and over sixty Senators referred the newly adopted law “to reinforce the fight against sectarian abuses” to the Constitutional Council for an a priori control of constitutionality pursuant to Article 61-2 of the Constitution.

Covered in controversy: France’s bid to ban religious symbols imperils diversity at Paris 2024 Olympics

With the 2024 Paris Olympics fast approaching, a heated debate over religious symbols has erupted in France, pitting the country’s strict secularism against the...

30,000 EUR fine if you give out where there is a police post!

The police in Spain have warned that they will now strictly enforce these sanctions, and the same is expected in France.

France for the first time granted asylum to a Russian who escaped from mobilization

The French National Asylum Court (CNDA) for the first time decided to grant asylum to a Russian citizen who was threatened by mobilization in...

France releases coins for the Olympics

This summer, Paris will be the capital not only of France, but also of world sports! The occasion? The 33rd edition of the Summer Olympics,...

The company of the richest man takes over the Olympics

LVMH, which is headed by Bernard Arnault, is doing everything possible to take over Paris in 2024, when the Summer Olympics will be held,...

The Changing Faces of Faith in France

The religious landscape in France has undergone profound diversification since the 1905 law on the separation of church and state, according to an article...

France melts down 27 million coins due to faulty design

France has melted down 27 million coins after the European Union declared that their designs did not meet requirements. The Monnaie de Paris, the...

French anti-cult law proposes to criminalise natural health

Vote on 19 December will decide the future of alternative medicine in France. Next week in France, the parliament will decide whether or not to...
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