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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Rights of Religious Minorities in Europe, a Delicate Balance says MEP Maxette Pirbakas

MEP Maxette Pirbakas, at the European Parliemant, emphasizes the importance of religious tolerance and freedom in Europe, highlighting the need for dialogue and respect for minority rights.

IRAQ, Cardinal Sako flees from Baghdad to Kurdistan

On Friday 21 July, Patriarch Sako of the Chaldean Catholic Church arrived in Erbil after the recent revocation of a crucial decree guaranteeing his...

MEP Peter van Dalen’s Farewell to the European Parliament

MEP Peter van Dalen (Christian Union) has announced today on his website his departure from the European Parliament, concluding a remarkable tenure spanning over...

Armed Houthis attack peaceful Baha’i gathering, arresting at least 17, in fresh crackdown

NEW YORK—27 May 2023— Houthi gunmen have staged a violent raid on a peaceful gathering of Baha’is in Sanaa, Yemen, on 25 May, detaining...

Did anti-cult Federation FECRIS lose at once 38 member-associations, or did it fake numbers?

FECRIS is the European Federation of Centers for Research and Information on Sects and Cults, an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that...

Tajikistan, Release of Jehovah’s Witness Shamil Khakimov, 72, after four years in prison

Jehovah's Witness Shamil Khakimov, 72, was released from prison in Tajikistan after serving the full term of his four-year sentence. He had been imprisoned on spurious charges of “inciting religious hatred.”
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