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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Road traffic and domestic heating cause poor air quality across Europe

Emissions from road traffic and domestic heating behind breaches of EU air quality standards across Europe — European Environment Agency

The EU response to migration and asylum

Europe attracts many migrants and asylum seekers. Find out how the EU is improving its asylum and migration policies.

In Europe are strengthening the security of Jewish sites

Several European international locations, most notably France and Germany, have introduced that they'll take steps to extend police safety of Jewish sites on their...

Anti-coercion instrument: the EU’s new weapon to protect trade

The anti-coercion instrument will be the EU’s new tool to fight economic threats and unfair trade restrictions by non-EU countries. Why does the EU need...

Critical raw materials – plans to secure EU supply and sovereignty

Electric cars, solar panels and smartphones - all of them contain critical raw materials. They are the lifeblood of our modern societies.

Plans to protect consumers from energy market manipulation

The law aims to tackle increased energy market manipulation by strengthening transparency, oversight mechanisms

OECD Survey – EU needs a deeper Single Market and to accelerate emissions reduction to growth

The latest OECD survey looks at how European economies are reacting to the negative external shocks as well as the challenges facing Europe moving forward.

The best rooftop bars in Europe

Spanish bars occupy three of the top ten places! Nothing recreates the holiday feeling like heading to a lovely bar to enjoy a drink after...

Reducing car emissions: new CO2 targets for cars and vans explained

To reduce car emissions, the EU is banning the sale of new combustion-engined cars and vans from 2035 in order to make the road transport sector climate neutral.

2024 Bangladesh Parliamentary Elections, Democracy is key to relations with the EU

The upcoming parliamentary elections in Bangladesh are crucial for EU-Bangladesh relations. Bangladesh's commitment to free and fair elections will determine the future of their cooperation.
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