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Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s PM dissolves Parliament and calls for national elections

According to EL MUNDO, the scale of the defeat and the loss of socialist territorial power have forced the president of the government to...

Erdogan became Turkey’s longest-serving leader

With 99.66% of the ballots counted, Erdogan received 52.13 percent of the votes, and his rival Kemal Kulçdaroğlu - 47.87%. Voter turnout according to...

The Role and Importance of the European Parliament in Today’s World

The European Parliament plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Europe and the world. As the only directly elected institution of the European Union

15 people detained for an attack with stones against an election rally in Turkey

Erzurum’s police, in eastern Turkey, arrested 15 people after a group of people threw stones at an opposition campaign bus. During the provocation, the...

As of May 4, Turkish citizens abroad had the right to vote in Turkey’s elections

Nearly 6,400 Turkish voters are registered in Bulgaria with the right to vote. People from 10 country’s regional districts who have a permanent address in...

Brazil election: victorious Lula faces an uphill struggle – a damaged economy and a deeply divided country

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has achieved a remarkable political comeback by regaining the presidency of Brazil.
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