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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Transformation Europe Lab in Kolding (Denmark)

The “Europe Transformation Lab” gathered (between 25th of October 2023 – 2nd of November 2023) 26 participants from different European Countries who agreed with...

Proposed law against the public burning of holy scriptures in Denmark

Denmark is a peaceful country where laws are respected, and the society practices an age-old proverb; One can always agree to disagree. This mindset has helped Danes to avoid big differences, minimise societal conflicts and live a rather peaceful life. The cornerstone of accepting the differing opinions is the notion of unlimited freedom of expression. It means that people can say anything, they please. It has worked because Denmark has been a mono-cultural, mono-ethnic, and a Christian nation for nearly one thousand years. That attitude, however, has also created an underlying intolerance and hostility towards other cultures, faiths and living styles, especially towards Muslim communities and Islam.

Scientology wedding, “it really unites two universes”

A wedding occurred in the Scientology Church of Copenhagen. How does it work? Who are the Ministers performing ceremonies? How do Scientologists view marriage? COPENHAGEN,...
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