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Ancient Egypt

Separation from the Gentiles – the Great Exodus

By St. Irenaeus of Lyon 1. Those who reproach the fact that before their exodus, at the command of God, the people took from the...

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb of a royal scribe near Cairo

Discovery of a tomb of a royal scribe Jheuti Em Hat by A Czech archaeological expedition from Charles University during excavations at the Abu Sir necropolis

An ancient Egyptian papyrus describes a rare snake with 4 teeth and dozens of other poisonous reptiles

Written records can tell us a lot about ancient civilizations. Recent research on the venomous snakes described in an ancient Egyptian papyrus suggests more...

A famous archaeologist with sensational news: We are about to discover the common grave of Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Archaeologists have announced that they are very close to discovering the place where the last ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra, and her lover, the Roman...

Scientists study sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt with computed tomography

A collaboration between the museum and the clinic could set a precedent for combining the study of historical artifacts with cutting-edge medical technology to...
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