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Scientists have discovered a mysterious medieval cathedral in Africa

Polish archaeologists working in Dongol, Sudan have discovered the ruins of the largest medieval church in Nubia. According to researchers, this building could have been the residence of the archbishop, who ruled about a thousand kilometers along the Nile, between the first and fifth rapids, according to zn.ua.

Scientists have found out what the pharaoh Akhenaten actually looked like

With the help of digital reconstruction, scientists have restored the face of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, who most likely was the father of Tutankhamun, writes “Around the world. Ukraine".

Scientists fought over this secret for 300 years: the grave of Bohdan Khmelnitsky was found

In ancient Subotov, Cherkasy region, a crypt that belonged to hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky was excavated under the Ilyinsky church, archaeological excavations are still continuing.

Carved deer bone: archaeologists have found the oldest work of art

In the Saxon Eichornhele cave, archaeologists have found so far the oldest example of Neanderthal abstract art - a 51,000-year-old deer bone statuette. It is reported by Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Greece has solved one of the greatest mysteries of archeology

Gareth Owens, linguist, archaeologist and Erasmus Program Coordinator at the Cretan Institute of Technology, has unveiled a new study that he estimates solves 99 percent of the mystery of the ancient Greek Phaistos disc.

A mysterious find! They found 11 hills next to an ancient sanctuary

"We have discovered 11 more large hills on a 100-kilometer line around Göbeklitepe," Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said at an event in Sanliurfa on Sunday. He added that the area will now be called "12 hills".

The history of the Turkish ghost town of castles

There was once an idea to build a hotel complex for the super-rich, who could see an endless field of fairytale castles, wherever they turned from the terrace of their own palace.

New Algorithm Flies Drones Faster Than World-Class Human Racing Pilots

  A drone flying through smoke to visualize the complex aerodynamic effects. Credit: Robotics and Perception Group, University of Zurich To be useful, drones need to be quick. Because of their limited battery life, they must...

Furious Stellar Winds From Their Dying Stars

Planetary Shields Will Buckle Under Furious Stellar Winds From Their Dying Stars – Nearly Impossible for Life To Survive Any life identified on planets orbiting white dwarf stars almost certainly evolved after the star’s death,...

A Bug’s Life: Mountains on Neutron Stars May Be Only Fractions of Millimeters Tall

Photo: Artist’s depiction of a neutron star. Credit: ESO / L. Calçada New models of neutron stars show that their tallest mountains may be only fractions of millimeters high, due to the huge gravity on...

Amazing New 3D Images of Shark Intestines Show They Function Like Nikola Tesla’s Valve

A CT scan image of the spiral intestine of a Pacific spiny dogfish shark (Squalus suckleyi). The beginning of the intestine is on the left, and the end is on the right. Credit: Samantha...

The oldest ornament in the world was discovered in Germany

Archaeologists have unearthed a carved deer hoof more than 51,000 years old at the entrance to the Unicorn Cave (located at the foot of the Harz Mountains in Germany), according to the Daily Mail, citing an article published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution. . Experts believe that this find, about 6 centimeters long and 4 centimeters wide, is the oldest jewel in the world. It was created by the Neanderthals. Scientists came to this conclusion after a detailed study of the hoof.

Ancient relics found near the palace of “Napoleon of Persia”

Archaeologists during excavations in the vicinity of the former residence of Nadir Shah, who is called "Napoleon of Persia", discovered a large number of relics, the oldest of which date back to the Bronze Age.

Snapshots of Ultrafast Switching in Quantum Electronics Could Lead to Faster Computing Devices

A team of researchers created a new method to capture ultrafast atomic motions inside the tiny switches that control the flow of current in electronic circuits. Pictured here are Aditya Sood (left) and Aaron...

Harnessing the Dark Side: Optical Singularities Could Be Used for a Wide Range of Applications

Cross-section of the designed heart-shaped phase singularity sheet. The extended dark region in the center image is a cross-section of the singularity sheet. The phase is undefined on the singularity sheet. Credit: Daniel Lim/Harvard...

Increased Cell Phone Data Use Is Negatively Affecting Wi-Fi Performance

Wi-Fi utilizes a spectrum that is “unlicensed,” which can be utilized by any device or network that follows FCC transmission rules. In recent years, cellular providers have also begun using this spectrum. University of Chicago...

Recycling Lost Energy: Quantum Laser Turns Energy Loss Into Gain?

Exciton-polaritonic PT symmetry: Direct coupling between upward- and downward-polariton modes in a six-fold symmetric microcavity with loss manipulation leads to PT-symmetry breaking with low-threshold phase transition. Credit: KAIST A new laser that generates quantum particles...

NASA’s NEOWISE Asteroid-Hunting Space Telescope Gets Two-Year Mission Extension

Artist’s concept of NASA’s WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) spacecraft, which was an infrared-wavelength astronomical space telescope active from December 2009 to February 2011. In September 2013 the spacecraft was assigned a new mission...

Protein “Big Bang” Reveals Molecular Makeup for Medicine and Bioengineering Applications

Proteins have been quietly taking over our lives since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We’ve been living at the whim of the virus’s so-called “spike” protein,...

Deep Space Atomic Clock to Improve GPS, Increase Spacecraft Autonomy

NASA’s Deep Space Atomic Clock has been operating aboard the General Atomics Orbital Test Bed satellite since June 2019. This illustration shows the spacecraft in Earth orbit. Credit: General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Designed to improve...

Diet Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Help Reduce Migraine Headaches

Trial provides ‘grounds for optimism’ for many people with persistent headaches and those who care for them. Eating a diet rich in omega 3 (n-3) fatty acids reduces the frequency of headaches compared with a...

Making Seawater Drinkable in Minutes: A New Alternative Desalination Membrane

Schematic of co-axial electrospinning device. Credit: Elsevier A new alternative seawater desalination membrane to produce drinking water. According to the World Health Organization, about 785 million people around the world lack a clean source of drinking...

Analysis of Thousands of Drugs Reveals Potential New COVID-19 Antivirals

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and University of Dundee have screened thousands of drug and chemical molecules and identified a range of potential antivirals that could be developed into new treatments for COVID-19...

Hawking’s Black Hole Theorem Confirmed Observationally for the First Time

An artist’s impression of two black holes about to collide and merge. Study offers evidence, based on gravitational waves, to show that the total area of a black hole’s event horizon can never decrease. There are...

Worrying New Insights Into the Chemicals in Plastics – Significant Risk to People and the Environment

Plastic is practical, cheap and incredibly popular. Every year, more than 350 million metric tons are produced worldwide. These plastics contain a huge variety of chemicals that may be released during their lifecycles —...
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