European Human Rights Series

European Human Rights Series


11. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to address the rights of “socially maladjusted”, 18 March 2022

12. Council of Europe parliamentary committee: Step up deinstitutionalization of persons with disabilities, 22 March 2022

13. Parliamentary committee: Refrain from endorsing legal texts on coercive practices in mental health settings, 22 March 2022

14. Council of Europe: The battle for human rights in mental health continues, 10 April 2022

15. Commissioner: Human rights are being undermined, 2 May 2022

16. Council of Europe Assembly adopts resolution on deinstitutionalisation, 5 May 2022

17. Council of Europe finalizing stand on deinstitutionalisation of persons with disabilities, 25 May 2022

18. Council of Europe considering international human rights in mental health, 7 June 2022

19. Eugenics influenced the formulation of the European Convention on Human Rights, 27 May 2023