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Fun Things to Do in Brussels during Summer: A Seasonal Guide

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, boasts of breathtaking architecture, delectable cuisine, and a rich history. But visiting in summer? It’s a whole new experience. The city comes alive with open-air concerts, vibrant festivals,...

EU’s Bold Step: Phasing Out Animal Testing, But Cosmetics Still a Concern

The European Commission's move to phase out chemical animal testing is praised, but concerns remain over the lack of action on cosmetic animal testing. This article explores the initiatives and citizens' demands for cruelty-free cosmetics and comprehensive animal welfare reform.

IRAQ, Cardinal Sako flees from Baghdad to Kurdistan

On Friday 21 July, Patriarch Sako of the Chaldean Catholic Church arrived in Erbil after the recent revocation of a crucial decree guaranteeing his official status and his immunity as a religious leader. In...

3 Delicious Ways Europeans Cook Beef Steak

Discover the diverse techniques Europeans use to cook delicious beef steak. From grilled steak with herb butter to Beef Wellington to slow-cooked beef stew, these methods showcase the traditional and modern flavors that make steak a classic across Europe.

States must redouble efforts against intolerance based on religion or belief

religion or belief / Urgent debate on "the alarming rise in premeditated and public acts of religious hatred as manifested by recurrent desecration of the Holy Quran in some European and other countries"

Russia, A Jehovah’s Witness to serve two years of forced labor

Read about the case of Dmitriy Dolzhikov, a Jehovah's Witness in Russia who was found guilty of extremism and sentenced to forced labor.

Vacations, Budget-Friendly European Destinations for Summer 2023

Looking for affordable European destinations for your summer 2023 getaway? Check out this list of the 5 cheapest cities to visit in Europe and start planning your budget-friendly adventure today!

How the EU is Addressing Fundamental Rights Challenges in 2023. Targeted Support for Refugees, Tackling Child Poverty and Hate, and Protecting Digital Rights

The Fundamental Rights Report 2023 by FRA reflects on the progress and challenges of human rights protection within the European Union in 2022. Key issues include the implications of the Ukraine conflict, rising child poverty, hate crime, and technological advancements.

To rebel against injustice… Harfouch receives great support from the French Foreign Affairs Committee member at the Senat

In an extraordinary meeting organized by the “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism” (LICRA), and a member of the French Senate Nathalie Goulet, a number of prominent personalities met with the Leader of the...

Argentina, 9 women sue a state institution abusively calling them ‘victims of sexual abuse’

Five women older than 50, three in their forties and one in mid-thirties are suing on appeal two prosecutors of the state agency PROTEX on unfounded claims of their being victims of sexual abuse...

UK Bar Council raises concern over treatment of Ahmadi Muslim lawyers in Pakistan

The Bar Council is profoundly concerned by recent announcements in parts of Pakistan that Ahmadi Muslims lawyers must renounce their religion in order to practise at the Bar. Both the District Bar Association of...

Argentina, a yoga school in the eye of a media cyclone

Since last summer, the Buenos Aires Yoga School (BAYS) has been pilloried by Argentinian media outlets which have published over 370 news and articles vilifying the school for allegedly trafficking in people for sexual...

Who Was Witold Pilecki? a WWII Hero with a meeting room at the EU Parliament

Witold Pilecki's story is one of courage and sacrifice, and a meeting room of the European Parliament has just been inaugurated with his name, 75 years after being executed by Stalin. President of the...

Did anti-cult Federation FECRIS lose at once 38 member-associations, or did it fake numbers?

FECRIS is the European Federation of Centers for Research and Information on Sects and Cults, an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that gathers and coordinates “anti-cult” organizations throughout Europe and beyond. It...

Two trillion tonnes of greenhouse gases, 25 billion nukes of heat, will the Earth get out of the Goldilocks zone?

Life relies on a fine balance between energy in and energy out. But heating the world 1.2℃ with the greenhouse gases, means we’ve trapped an extraordinary amount of extra energy in the Earth system. We...

Elections 2024, President Metsola “Vote. Do not let someone else choose for you”

The Key Issues in the European Parliament Elections 2024 Elections 2024 - The European Parliament Elections 2024 are just around the corner, and it's important to be informed about the issues that will be at...

Tajikistan, Release of Jehovah’s Witness Shamil Khakimov, 72, after four years in prison

Jehovah's Witness Shamil Khakimov, 72, was released from prison in Tajikistan after serving the full term of his four-year sentence. He had been imprisoned on spurious charges of “inciting religious hatred.”

Germany brought to ECtHR for denying accreditation to a Christian school

A Christian hybrid school provider, based in Laichingen, Germany, is challenging the German state’s restrictive educational system. After the initial application in 2014, the Association for Decentralized Learning was denied approval to offer primary and secondary education by German authorities, despite fulfilling all state-mandated criteria and curricula

Sweden wins Eurovision 2023 in front of Finland

The final of the great musical contest was played between Sweden, Finland and Israel.

Habemus Rex, From Prince to King, The Journey of Charles III to the Crown, and Camilla

The wait is over! King Charles III has finally been crowned. Learn about his journey to the throne and what his reign may hold for the future of the kingdom.

Europe must open up to new ideas about the secular state

Religion is one of the toughest challenges facing modern secular societies in their search for identity, equality and cohesion.

Russia, Moscow City Court orders oppressive liquidation of human Rights NGO SOVA Center

As reported by SOVA Center, the remaining most active human rights NGO in Russia, the Russian oppressive fist is now falling on them. We reproduce here the statement of SOVA: On April 27, 2023 Judge Vyacheslav Polyga of the Moscow City Court considered the request filed by Russia’s Ministry of Justice to liquidate the...

Trafalgar Square held the biggest Muslim Iftar in Europe

On Thursday a colleague and I were invited to attend Europe’s largest Open Public Iftar in Trafalgar Square by the Aziz Foundation. Thousands of people attended. For those that don’t know, Iftar is the fast-breaking...

Italy, A Test Case of the Efficacy of Infringement Proceedings against a Most Intransigent Member State

Lettori protest outside Minister of Universities office in Rome over Italy’s failure to meet the Commission deadline for payment of settlements due under Court of Justice discrimination ruling of 2006.

European Parliament condemns Nigerian speech laws putting musician on death row for blasphemy

Near-unanimous resolution urges Nigeria to “repeal the blasphemy laws at federal and state level”   Supreme Court of Nigeria to hear case of Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, sentenced to death for blasphemy on Whatsapp   Brussels (20 April 2023) – ADF...
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