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What future for Christian culture in Europe?

By Martin Hoegger. What kind of Europe are we heading for? And, more specifically, where are the Churches and Church movements heading in the current...
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The European Union and the Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict: Between Mediations and Obstacles

The establishment of territorial sovereignty for each State in the world is a necessity, it is in this regard that Azerbaijan, by regaining control...
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Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict: beyond common belief

It is undeniable that war, this scourge that ravages humanity, sows devastation. The longer a conflict persists, the more it fuels animosity between the involved nations, making the restoration of trust between the belligerents all the more difficult. As the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia has already reached the sad centenary of its existence, it is difficult to imagine the torments endured by these two peoples, each bearing its share of suffering.
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All the heads of Central Asian countries meet in Berlin

By Hasanboy Burhanov (founder and leader of political opposition movement Erkin O'zbekiston/Free Uzbekistan) Is the "C5+1" format German in nature, regarding the upcoming meeting in...
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The Fulani and Jihadism in West Africa (II)

By Teodor Detchev The previous part of this analysis, entitled "Sahel - Conflicts, Coups and Migration Bombs", addressed the issue of the rise of terrorist...
“Our Time for Leadership”: EP President Metsola at the World Leaders Forum

“Our Time for Leadership”: EP President Metsola at the World Leaders...

Discover the importance of leadership in a changing world, as the youngest ever President of the European Parliament shares his insights.
Sahel - conflicts

Sahel – conflicts, coups and migration bombs (I)

The new cycle of violence in the Sahel countries can be link to the participation of the Tuareg armed militias, who are fighting for an independent state
Proposed law against the public burning of holy scriptures in Denmark

Proposed law against the public burning of holy scriptures in Denmark

Denmark is a peaceful country where laws are respected, and the society practices an age-old proverb; One can always agree to disagree. This mindset has helped Danes to avoid big differences, minimise societal conflicts and live a rather peaceful life. The cornerstone of accepting the differing opinions is the notion of unlimited freedom of expression. It means that people can say anything, they please. It has worked because Denmark has been a mono-cultural, mono-ethnic, and a Christian nation for nearly one thousand years. That attitude, however, has also created an underlying intolerance and hostility towards other cultures, faiths and living styles, especially towards Muslim communities and Islam.
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The Paradoxes of Russian Cultural Development

The Paradoxes of Russian Cultural Development - Maximalism - Culture is related to the sense of measure - to the sense of one's own limit....

Church and church organization (2)

During the first period of its existence, the Church consisted of numerous communities, completely separate and independent, having no canonical connections with each other...

Correspondents in the Russo-Turkish War 1877-1878 on the Balkan Peninsula (3)

Interestingly, in their notes, many correspondents of Russian newspapers agree that Russia was poorly prepared for a long war with Turkey. So, the former...

Church and church organization

The proposed article was originally printed in the Church Gazette (issues 15, 17 and 19) - an edition of our diocese, as a review...

Correspondents in the Russo-Turkish War 1877-1878 on the Balkan Peninsula (2)

The number of Russian correspondents of the Balkan Theater increased over time. As of July 5, 1877, their composition was as follows : Table 1. Periodical...

Russian military intelligence in Bulgaria in 1856-1878 (2)

During the war, as part of the headquarters of divisions, corps, separate formations, officers of the General Staff held the positions of chiefs of...

Correspondents in the Russo-Turkish War 1877-1878 on the Balkan Peninsula

The Balkan Peninsula has always been a troubled and politically unstable region. It is a place of interweaving of dangerous conflicts already by virtue...

Russian military intelligence in Bulgaria in 1856-1878

Russo-Turkish War 1877–1878 was the apogee of the Eastern Crisis of the 1870s. The aspiration of the Balkan peoples to free themselves from Turkish...

World Council of Churches World Assembly: What to expect?

What are the expectations of the World Council of Churches and local authorities for the General Assembly in Karlsruhe which opens today, 31 August,...

Bible, Philippoi or Philippopolis, Nicopolis Epirus or Nicopolis ad Nestum

In the science of the Bible, including New Testament research, assumptions and hypotheses are often expressed, and great efforts are made to defend opinions...
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