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The European Union and the Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict: Between Mediations and Obstacles

The establishment of territorial sovereignty for each State in the world is a necessity, it is in this regard that Azerbaijan, by regaining control...
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Hypocritical politicians call for ‘jihad’

By Hasanboy Burhanov - Founder of the political opposition movement Free Uzbekistan Manipulating the mass consciousness of Muslims Turkish President Recep Erdogan, who considers himself "a...
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All the heads of Central Asian countries meet in Berlin

By Hasanboy Burhanov (founder and leader of political opposition movement Erkin O'zbekiston/Free Uzbekistan) Is the "C5+1" format German in nature, regarding the upcoming meeting in...
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The Fulani and Jihadism in West Africa (II)

By Teodor Detchev The previous part of this analysis, entitled "Sahel - Conflicts, Coups and Migration Bombs", addressed the issue of the rise of terrorist...
“Our Time for Leadership”: EP President Metsola at the World Leaders Forum

“Our Time for Leadership”: EP President Metsola at the World Leaders...

Discover the importance of leadership in a changing world, as the youngest ever President of the European Parliament shares his insights.
Sahel - conflicts

Sahel – conflicts, coups and migration bombs (I)

The new cycle of violence in the Sahel countries can be link to the participation of the Tuareg armed militias, who are fighting for an independent state
Proposed law against the public burning of holy scriptures in Denmark

Proposed law against the public burning of holy scriptures in Denmark

Denmark is a peaceful country where laws are respected, and the society practices an age-old proverb; One can always agree to disagree. This mindset has helped Danes to avoid big differences, minimise societal conflicts and live a rather peaceful life. The cornerstone of accepting the differing opinions is the notion of unlimited freedom of expression. It means that people can say anything, they please. It has worked because Denmark has been a mono-cultural, mono-ethnic, and a Christian nation for nearly one thousand years. That attitude, however, has also created an underlying intolerance and hostility towards other cultures, faiths and living styles, especially towards Muslim communities and Islam.
OECD Survey - EU needs a deeper Single Market

OECD Survey – EU needs a deeper Single Market and to...

The latest OECD survey looks at how European economies are reacting to the negative external shocks as well as the challenges facing Europe moving forward.
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Bediuzzaman Said Nursi: a Muslim teacher who advocated dialogue

I would like to illustrate my point by outlining the contributions to the idea and practice of Muslim-Christian dialogue made by two key individuals...

Let’s Redouble our Prayers for Peace! The call of the World Council of Churches

By Martin Hoegger, Lausanne, Switzerland Geneva, June 21, 2023. In his sermon, during the opening celebration of the central committee of the World Council of...

According to EU, the Pentecost Nigerian massacre has nothing to do with religion

Dozens of Christians were massacred in a church, attending service, standing under a crucifix with their children, and Europe says it is ” shocked....

Survey shows households are willing to shift to greener lifestyles but that cost and convenience are key  

While households are willing to adjust their behaviour to adopt greener lifestyles, governments need to do a lot more to encourage more sustainable choices.

From the war in Ukraine, images of violence, resistance, and hope

A Russian genocide scholar, on leave in the United States, has spearheaded a Clark University exhibition of photos documenting the war in Ukraine

Teshuvah – the Way of Return

On a shallow level, ‘Teshuvah’ simply refers to someone who goes back to the Jewish faith and resumes its practice after lapsing. On a...

A Word About The Glorious Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ

by Gregory, Bishop of Russia (Metropolitan of Kiev and Western Russia Grigory Tsamblak, 1364 - c. 1420*) Today's holiday is the fulfillment of the providence...

Announcement of the Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Kosovo and Metohija

From: Council of Bishops of SOC / 05.20.2023 This year's regular meeting of the Holy Council of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church paid special...

Two trillion tonnes of greenhouse gases, 25 billion nukes of heat, will the Earth get out of the Goldilocks zone?

Life relies on a fine balance between energy in and energy out. But heating the world 1.2℃ with the greenhouse gases, means we’ve trapped...

China hones its Global South diplomacy

China’s mediating role in Iran-Saudi deal signals a wider shift from wolf warrior to more constructive diplomacy.
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