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Monthly Archives: October, 2023

Toll of Israel-Palestine crisis on children ‘beyond devastating’

Gaza has become a “graveyard” for children with thousands now killed under Israeli bombardment, while more than a million face dire shortages of essentials

Jews and their human rights

The war started by the terrorist organization HAMAS at the beginning of October is littering the streets of Israel and the Gaza Strip with...

INDIA – Bomb attempt against Jehovah’s Witnesses’ gathering, three dead and dozens injured

A former Jehovah’s Witness claims responsibility. After Germany (March 2023) and Italy (April 2023), Jehovah’s Witnesses are now killed in a bomb attack in...

Speech of President Metsola at the University of Sorbonne, Paris | News

Ladies and gentlemen, First of all, I want to tell you my pleasure and honour to be with you tonight. Before developing my remarks, in...

9 Ways NASA Solves Water Problems Around the Globe

From discovering hidden water sources to advancing purification techniques, check out how NASA is changing the way we use and manage the water in our lives.

2023 Diwali celebrated at the EP with MEPs Morten Løkkegaard and Maxette Pirbakas

The Diwali festival was celebrated at the European Union Parliament in Brussels, organized by the Hindu Forum of Europe. Learn more about the event here.

Tragic Bomb Blast at Jehovah’s Witnesses Meeting in India

In a deeply disturbing event that has shocked the global religious community, a bomb explosion occurred during a Jehovah's Witnesses gathering in Kalamassery, near...

Syrian war at ‘worst point’ in four years, says Commission of Inquiry head

Paulo Pinheiro spoke to UN News this week after presenting his latest report to the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee, which examines a...

Is Germany hindering the EU severely disabled person’s ID card?

Berlin The EU wants to introduce a uniform European disability and parking permit and the current European parking permit for people with disabilities...

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