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InternationalThe "Via Dinarica" eco-trail will connect Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The “Via Dinarica” eco-trail will connect Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The project includes the extension of the Via Dinarica greenway with around 500 kilometers of new paths and the maintenance of existing paths

In Sarajevo, the “Via Dinarica” project was presented, within the framework of which the green path will be continued, which is financed by the European Union as part of the IPA program for cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian FENA agency reported. quoted by BTA.

The head of the “Via Dinarica” project at the Regional Development Agency in Zlatibor, Miroslav Ivanovich, told the FENA agency that in 24 months, all activities for the creation of a new path in Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina and Western Serbia will be completed.

“This project takes the Via Dinarica to Serbia, which was not included until now. Within the project, it will be necessary to determine where exactly the road will pass from Sarajevo to the border with Serbia and through western Serbia to the border with Montenegro, it will be carried out trail marking and will be placed on signs,” Ivanovich explained.

The goal of the project, he added, is to network mountaineering societies and other players in the tourism market to commit to working together to maintain, promote and continue the trail.

All information about the route, services and cultural and historical attractions will be available on the Via Dinarica website, as well as on the world-renowned platform for outdoor activities – Outdoor.

Assistant Director of the Tourism Organization of Serbia Vesna Zlatić told FENA that the project represents a significant enrichment of the tourism offer of Serbia, therefore the intention is to achieve greater visibility of this project, within the framework of which hard-to-reach natural areas will be mapped .

The project manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zehrudin Isakovic, specified that the project includes the extension of the Via Dinarica greenway with about 500 kilometers of new paths and maintenance of the existing paths, as well as improving the infrastructure and connectivity of all stakeholders – from those who have accommodations, next to mountain societies.

The Green Path passes through some of the lower parts of the Dinarides and features hundreds of kilometers of well-preserved bike lanes, rich flora and fauna.

“Via Dinarica” stretches from Albania to Slovenia and encompasses the largest karst area on the planet.

Photo: Via Dinarica map.jpg

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